Folks who taught me, sang my songs, played with me, had fun with me!!

Audio and Video to come

Uncle Wallace, author of The Kerr Method
“Play any song you can whistle or your dollar back!”
Jaki Byard – “First you learn your vocabulary, then you do your permutations”
Karl Liefheit
Elmo!! – A is for Asthma “In out, in out, that’s what breathing’s all about.”
Playing with Whit Smith & Hot Club of Cowtown
Joe & Midge Woolsey circa 2000
Jamming with Charles Osgood
Joe Kerr Does J’s by Jane Genarro

Nadia Boulanger – “How many notes are there?”
In Fontainebleau 1978 with classmates & Louise Talma (left) & Annette Dieudonne (right)
Bayla Biskin
Bessie! “Moo.”

Joe Kerr Trio at J’s, 1991 – Pat Oleary, bass & Eddie Ornowski, drums
Conducting “La Marseillaise” in Fontainebleau 2019
John Hammond Jr.. & Western Caravan (photo by Monica Passin)
Those Genarro Sisters!! (circa 1983)
“The Pro” mixed media by James Naser

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